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Music helps to fuel our workouts, and when equipped with the right playlist we can motivate ourselves to push harder. One thing that could ruin the momentum are a pair of finicky earbuds, constantly requiring attention as they dislodge and slip out of place. For the athlete, runner, or someone looking for a no-slip, in-ear solution, the Yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women and the Yurbuds Inspire Ironman are your answer. Both offer a nice silicon fit that twists into your ear and stays put for the entirety of your workout.

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Design and Fit


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The Yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women are designed (surprise) for women. The look has more of a feminine touch that’s made apparent in its purple and gray color scheme and in the small cursive “yb” insignia on the outside of the buds. In comparison, the Yurbuds Inspire Ironman have a plain, white design, a la Apple’s earbuds. It break up that all-white look with a red Ironman logo that sits on the exterior of both earbuds.

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Color and theming aside, the design of the two earphones diverge the most in their features and functions. For instance, the Inspire Pro has a soft plastic Y-splitter that contains volume, play/pause, and next track controls as well as a mic. The overall look is quite bubbly. I was pleased that Yurbuds added a textured feel to the controls to help differentiate the different controls, reducing the chance of mis-pressing a button during workouts.

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The Inspire Ironman earbuds had no such Y-splitter, rather these Yurbuds took a more minimalist approach with only a control box with a single button for playing, pausing, and skipping tracks, and a mic sitting up on the right wire at chest-level. This placement made it better for phone calls than the Inspire Pro, which sat just below my chest. Users that opt for the Inspire Pro will have to lift the Y-splitter up if they want to have an intelligible phone conversation, or else risk the other party hearing broken words as the mic beats against your clothes.ironman controls

At the core of their design, the Yurbuds are earbuds with silicon in-ear covers. They slip on and off easily, which makes them easy to clean, but easy to loose if you’re not careful. Thankfully, Yurbuds includes a carrying package with each set, something I urge consumers to utilize in order to increase the longevity of your purchase and protect your assets. Because once you loose those covers, the primary allure of the Yurbuds is lost.

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The Ironman’s price tag begins to show once again as these Yurbuds only come with only one set of covers. The covers included in the packaging fit quite snuggly into my ears, though, I will say I felt my ears being stretched a bit—not to the point of discomfort. It should be noted if you have tiny ears, you may want to look for other options. However, if you opt for the Inspire Pro, you’ll be treated to two sets of differently-sized covers, one of which was smaller in comparison to the set that came with the Ironman and I found they fit much more comfortably. Still, there have been reports of smaller ears not being able to accommodate the smaller covers.

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These earphones have been used during workouts and at my desk for long stretches of time. In both instances, the earbuds never felt uncomfortable or heavy and never needed readjusting. Even when I started perspiring from lifting weights, running, or interval training the earbuds never felt like they were slipping. Yurbuds attributes this snug grip to the buds’ “TwistLock” design. Where users are instructed (in order to get the best fit) to insert the sound tunnel and then twist the rest of the bud it into place. Bottom line: what you’re getting out of these earphones is peace of mind during your workouts.

Call Quality

Calls came through loud and clear on both headphones. However, the Ironman had a slight edge when it came to mic placement. As I walked around my house, I took a few calls and never had to raise the mic in order for people to hear me. With the Inspire Pro, I had to raise the mic—not a huge inconvenience.

As for the mic quality during calls, the Inspire Pro yielded mixed results. People on the other end said I was audible, but there were a few occasions when I “sounded far away.” I regularly had to hold the mic up to my face.

Callers said my voice came through well enough with the Ironman’s mic, I was understandable, but the quality was ever-so-slightly below what they were used to hearing when I was on my smartphone.


If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that are going to shutout the rest of the world, these aren’t for you. Yurbuds constructed these buds to take in some ambient noise. But before you walk away, consider that running outside with noise-canceling headphones could turn into a dangerous exercise. While running outside, music from the earbuds dominated my ears, but I was able to remain aware of my surroundings, like when there was a car behind me or a neighbor yelling hello from across the street. At lower volumes, I was also able to carry on a conversation with someone next to me.

As for audio quality, the Yurbuds handled all genres of music well. At higher (read: unsafe) volumes the Ironman had some moments of minor distortion, likewise I heard the Inspire Pros crack slightly when the volume was maxed-out. However, at normal listening levels, no distortion was present in either buds. Music was a little more bass-heavy on both earbuds, and both handled everything from podcasts to classical to the pop hits of today. Whatever your mood, these earbuds will be able to provide solid, audible sound for your workout.

Bottom Line

This product is perfect for: Athletes, runners, weight lifters—anyone that’s tired of adjusting their in-ear headphones every few steps because they’re slipping out.

Key things to be aware of: The size of your ears. The covers on the Inspire Ironman version of these earbuds are quite sizable. My own ears felt quite stretched, so take note—if you have small ears the Iroman earbuds may not work for you. Likewise, the Inspire Pros have a smaller cover option included, which fit far more comfortably in my ears. However, there have been reports of some people’s ears unable to even accommodate these.

Final review score: 4- It may sound like a silly first-world problem, but there’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a workout when your earbuds start to slip. It’s a distraction that takes you out of the moment. The Yurbuds Inspire Pro and Ironman offer peace of mind, and each with their own separate price-points, which make them accessible for those on a tighter budget (Inspire Ironman) or those who can afford to splurge on extra features (Inspire Pro).

From a female’s perspective, I liked the feminine flourishes that Yurbuds added to the Inspire Pro for Women as well as the features that came with it, like volume control in addition to a mic, play/pause and skip buttons, as well as two sizes of covers, a wire clip, and purple carrying pouch. If you want something a little more spartan, go for the Inspire Ironman.

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