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Vacations in the fun and sun are wonderful experiences that people enjoy capturing with their phones and cameras, recording all of the great memories made while away from the day-to-day life. However, many cameras are either too frail, susceptible to water damage (and nature in general), or won’t do a good enough job of capturing those moments, and these are not moments that you wish to miss.

Rugged cameras, like the Fuji XP80, are the answer for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about their camera (and memories) surviving the trip.


The Camera


The Fuji XP80 is waterproof down to 15 metres, shockproof from a height of 1.75 metres, can handle temperatures as low as -10 degrees celsius, while also being sand and dust proof. The XP80 also comes with 5x optical zoom, built-in WiFi, a 2.7-inch LCD screen with an anti-reflective coating, and HD video recording.

On the outside, the XP80 sports a sleek, curved look, with rounded corners and a lens that is encased in a rounded shell protruding from the top of the camera. The buttons are large, easily identifiable, and are very easy to feel or find while operating the camera. On the side of the XP80, you’ll find a door that is sealed shut using a twist-lock that can only be twisted open with the press of a button, which houses the battery and memory card. Making it deliberately hard to accidentally to open gives plenty of peace of mind when it comes to trusting the Fuji XP80 when submerged in water.



The Photos


The quality of photos from the Fuji XP80 is very, very reliant on how much light is available for the camera to use. When shooting outdoors with plenty of sunlight, photos from the Fuji XP80 are bright, colourful, and quite crisp. Shooting in low light, however, is not something that the XP80 excels at. Images begin to blur, lose details, and a lot of image noise will appear for shots in the low light, and many of these images are not fantastic.


On the bright side, the Fuji XP80 comes with “SR Auto” mode, or “Scene Recognition”, which is able to approximately identify the type of photo you’ll need, based on a bevy of variables like proximity, lighting, contrast, etc, and switch to the appropriate mode. For example, pushing the camera up against an object that is quite close to the lens will switch to Macro mode, adjusting the exposure and shutter speed accordingly. This is important for folks who just want to get a photo and not have to worry about the settings – you can rely on it for many of the shots you’ll take, and it’s fairly intuitive to use.

Videos are quite easy to shoot, initiated from any mode with the button with a large red dot (record!), and has a very similar level of quality that you find in the photos side of the XP80, and can be shot as high as 1920×1080@60fps, which is more than acceptable for a rugged point and shoot like the XP80. Like the photos, the videos are much better in well-lit situations, and tend to become noisy and blurry in lower light.


Lastly, transferring photos and videos is as easy as dropping the SD card into your computer and pulling the files out, but the Fuji XP80 has built-in WiFi, making photos stored on the camera accessible to devices that connect to the XP80. Once you’ve downloaded the Fuji Photo Receiver, you can connect your device to the camera and select which photos to transmit. Perfect for people who wish to post photos and videos to social media or sent to friends and family without having a computer immediately available to them.

The Bottom Line

This product is perfect for: people and families who need a rugged camera that they can depend on and trust for outdoor activities and vacations. Can take a beating and keep shooting, which is always a bonus when sand, water, and constant movement are part of the equation.

Key things to be aware of: the Fuji XP80 produces acceptable photos and videos in good lighting situations, otherwise image quality can be hit or miss. In addition, changes to specific settings, like shutter speed or aperture, are not possible, which is nice for beginners, but not great for more advanced photographers.

Final review score: 3.5. The Fuji XP80 is a rugged compact camera that you can depend on to work whether rain or shine, but the image quality is up in the air in a lot of situations. However, you can be quite rough and tumble with this camera, and having the ability to shoot underwater really makes it a solid choice for almost any situation.


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