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Everyone carries around a camera in their pocket these days—it’s better known as a smartphone. We snap memories and forget about them—forever in digital limbo, forgotten until we happen by them while browsing our photo stream. Perhaps it’s time to bring a few of those memories—the special ones you don’t want to forget–off your hard drive and into a photo frame.


The Canon Selphy CP910 ($109.99) is a printer appropriately named for the times. It’s an easy-to-use photo printer that will connect with just about any device (smartphone, computer, tablet, camera, USB, or memory card—take your pick) and produce better-than-department-store quenjality prints you’ll be proud to post on your wall (in real life).



The Canon Selphy CP910 is quite a portable printer. Indeed, you could take it anywhere if you wanted. It measures 2.4 by 7 by 5-inches (HWD) and weighs only 1 pound 33 ounces. While the base model must be tethered to a power outlet in order to work, Canon does have battery packs available to make the printer completely mobile. It also folds up into a nice rectangular box that doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. The screen folds down, and the paper tray detaches and folds up to double as a protective case (where you could even store photos you’ve already printed on the go). Even if you’re not planning any trips, the Canon Selphy CP910 has a small footprint. It folds up into a compact box for storage, so you can put it away until you’re ready to print out your next adventure or selfie.

It comes in black or white colour options. The black one has a matte finish, but that doesn’t protect it from attracting a few finger prints. There’s a 2.7-inch LCD screen on the top of the unit. It’s large enough to help you configure the printer and preview photos if you’re printing from an SD card, but don’t expect great detail in this regard. You’ll be able to get an idea of the image, zoom in and zoom out, but I’d recommend previewing any images on your computer first.


Setup and Connection

Assembly requires little effort. The paper tray folds out and attaches to the front of the printer. The only thing left to do before turning it on is sliding the ink ribbon into the side of the printer.

The Canon Selphy CP910 comes with quite a few connection options right out of the box. You can interface with the Selphy CP910 directly through a mini-USB port, USB port, and SD memory card slot. The minute the printer was turned on I was able to plug in my Nikon camera with the printer. So long as the camera supports PictBridge, you should be able to interface and print directly from your camera via USB.


Connecting the printer with your mobile device takes a few extra steps. The Selphy CP910 allows you to connect via an existing Wi-Fi network or to the wireless network it creates. The latter takes fewer steps to setup and is much more convenient in my opinion. The printer creates a password protected direct connection; all you need to do is change the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone to the one the printer creates. The Selphy CP910 will display all the information (password and Wi-Fi name) you need on its screen.

You will also have to download the Canon Easy-PhotoPrint app for iOS, Android, or Windows RT devices. Once you’re connected over the Selphy’s Wi-Fi network, open the app. There you can pick and choose what photos you want printed from a simple interface of options.



The Canon Selphy CP910 did well in the field, printing out nice glossy photos—better than what you’d get at a department store photo printer. If you decide to buy the value pack, which is $42.96 at Staples for an ink ribbon and photo paper, the cost to print is $0.39 per picture—not bad.

The time it took to print 4 by 6 photos over wired connections was just under a minute. Wireless times were well over a minute due to the time it took to send the image to the printer for processing and putting the image on paper. But the picture quality was just as good. There weren’t any imperfections that I could see without taking a magnifying glass to it—these are hard-copy photos that will look perfect in a collage or framed hanging in your parent’s living room.

The Canon Selphy CP910 is the perfect printer for the digital times we live in. If you’ve ever wanted to bring your smartphone snap-shots off the digital cloud and onto a photo frame this printer is a great solution, and it won’t break the bank. It goes beyond just smartphones to include computers, cameras, USB memory sticks, and SD cards—this printer has a myriad of options to connect to your wired and wireless devices, which sets it above most photo printers. What’s more the photos look good printed from any one of these devices, though; it goes a little slow when printing from a wireless device. But it’s worth considering if you want a completely mobile printer (if you’re willing to shell out extra for the Canon battery pack).



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  • LaRay April 26, 2016 at 12:35 am - Reply

    I have a canon selphy cp910 I have use in almost a year , I plug it up a few hours ago and comes on I the display it say canon and that’s it it won’t do nothing else , no buttons work … Help !

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