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bose soundsport wireless earbuds 2016

The sporty, more performant little brother of the Bose QuietComfort 35’s, and the wireless next iteration of the Bose’s Soundsport product line, the Bose Soundsport Wireless edition aims to free you from the wired umbilical cord to your smartphone. Now with the release of the iPhone 7 upon us where they’re doing away with the headphone jack, this is a solid alternative to the “AirPods” that are being released for a hefty $169 USD. They provide an unnoticeable drain to battery life as it uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology to communicate with your iPhone.

Here, we’ll put the Soundsport Wireless edition through its paces in terms of going about in everyday life and putting it to the test in terms of doing actual sporty things and workouts in these babies. But first we’ll tackle the most important reason why anyone is buying earbuds in the first place – how they sound.


With Bose products, the expectation is that you’ll be getting a top notch and immersive audio experience. Having owned the Quiet Comfort 15’s and the 25’s before, I expected a similar experience, save for the noise cancelling aspect. Boy, the Soundsports did not disappoint as they provided deep bass, and a range that surpasses that of Apple’s own EarPod earbuds and lesser brands that you would buy off the shelf.

While not noise cancelling, the Soundsport’s fit snug enough to be “noise isolating” that muffle most ambient sound around you that allow you to enjoy whatever you’re listening to.


Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbuds 2016

They make you look like you’re coming off a sci-fi set as they protrude from your ears quite prominently. While they take a bit time to get used to as the provided earbuds don’t quite fit as snugly as I’d like. They’re still secure in ears as you’re moving about for those who lead an active lifestyle.

The voice audio cues are a really nice touch as the interface are through the earbuds itself or the singular button (outside of the volume rocker and pause/play button) are all you really have. The voice sounds similar to Apple’s Siri voice, which is comforting.

As with anything in design, the simpler the better, and you’re able to quickly figure out how to use the Soundsport’s without having refer to the user manual.

The design of the physical product itself is elegant and simply makes sense. Between the earbuds attached together through the cord, if you’re not using them, you can drape them around your neck. The winged tips keep the earbuds secure and make it resistant to any frenetic jostling they’ll undoubtedly endure while doing a crazy CrossFit workout for instance.

In terms of controls, you have a volume rocker toggle and pause button on the right side of the earbud cable, that you drape across the back of your neck. It’s an intuitive place to put the controls (where else would you put them) and stay out of the way as it’s right behind your right ear.

Finally, if the matte black look is a bit boring for you, the offer an eye-popping black and teal colour combo. I would expect that they release a bevy of other colours if the two colours aren’t quite up your alley.

Battery life

These are slated for 6 hours of continuous use. For the most part if you’re not plugged into these all day, and you’re spacing out your sessions, you’ll probably eke out a day or two worth of battery life. If you’re using these purely for sports, you’ll be more than covered in terms of battery life… unless your workout session goes over 6 hours.

This Product Is Perfect For:

– the fitness junkie. Whether you’re training for a marathon or a gym rat
– the person who hates cords

The Bottom Line

– Probably the best wireless earbuds you’ll find on the market in terms of performance, design, features and made by the most venerable audio brands in the world.

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Bose Soundsport Wireless Earbuds
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